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    Entries in Blind Tiger (2)


    Meeting up with Abner at the Blind Tiger

    Once again we will revisit the tasting notes from the blind Tiger this last Wednesday.

    The first beer I sampled that afternoon was from the Hill Farmstead brewery of Greensboro Bend Vermont.

    You can find the following information on their website:

    "Abner (1867-1953) is our great grandfather; Hill Farmstead Brewery rests upon the land that was once home to him and his fourteen children. In his honor, this Double IPA is dutifully crafted from American malted barley, a plethora of American hops, our ale yeast and water from Abner’s well. It is unfiltered, naturally carbonated, and double dry hopped. Aromatic and flowery, bursting with notes of citrus and pine, this is the ale that I dream to have shared with Abner. 8.2%, 18.5º P, 170 Theoretical ibus. Ingredients: Pale and Caramel Malt; Dextrose; Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Nugget, Simcoe, and Warrior hops; Ale Yeast, and our Well Water."

    Vital Beer Geek statistics are as follows:

    18.5º P
    170 Theoretical IBUs
    8.2% abv.

    The following are my tasting notes:

    The first aromatic sensation is a brief hop flower. A second visit to the aromatics revealed a sharper floral flavor more a lemon zest. Just before the first sip, I could identify the aromatics as definitely having a particular hop aroma profile.
    The first sip revealed much more of this hop profile with an obvious green floral and citric rind flavor. The second sip was a full palate cleansing experience ending with a slightly grassy flavor. A third sip introduced a more intensive citric orange flavor.
    My overall impression of this beer can be described into words "very hoppy"... even after finishing the entire glass of beer I was still unaware of any malt flavor. It is possible, at 8.2% alcohol by volume, and being a very full-bodied beer, the malt performed the role of an unappreciated second fiddle to the much more aggressive hops.

    I'm looking forward to reporting to you next Wednesday on their latest specialty beers!


    A Taste of...the Farmers Daughter at The Blind Tiger

    Yesterday afternoon the folks at a beer bar called The Blind Tiger featured a selection of beers and ales brewed and kegged in Vermont. Almost half of their over twenty tap lines featured a guest beer.

    On the advise of the owner, Dave Brodrick, and based on fond memories of a visit to the alchemist, I ordered a Farmers Daughter.

    The following is a rendering of the tasting notes for that brew:

    This is a Saison-style brew with a first aromatic impression that is faint with only a little head to promote the aromatics. The second impression brought out a hint of apple and lemon. The third aromatic impression, accompanied by the first sip, revealed a citric tang of orange and lemon. There was also a slight bubble-gum flavor that quickly dissipated. The second sip brought out a hint of banana and a full body. The third swallow left a clean and almost crisp aftertaste with a dry finish.

    And that my friends is how the Farmers Daughter tasted at The Blind Tiger at 1616 hours on Wednesday the twenty third day of the month of February in the year 2011.