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    On this Presidents day may I present a special look back at all of the beer-friendly bars visited over the last few years?

    A “Thumbs Up” and subscription to the YouTube station will keep you in the loop for the next visits.


    BeerBasics visits... Dead Rabbit

    It was a warm, make that hot and humid, early mid-week afternoon. I was over dressed, in turtle neck shirt, wool jacket and winter-weight felt fedora. I had neglected to include the tourist-induced pedestrian congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge in my calculation of how long it would take to walk the couple of miles into Manhattan to the Dead Rabbit. There it was where I had an appointment with a beer and another member of the Norwich University Corps of Cadets. Late reporting to post was at least ten demerits.

    The fates were with me and he forgot the tourist-induced World Trade Center Memorial congestion between the ferry dock on the west side and the rendezvous point.

    Contact was made and a goodly number of beers slaked both thirst and tourist-toleration.

    The following is a one minute visit to the Dead Rabbit Grocery (first floor in the back) & Grog (where we will be) and restraint (upstairs)…

    Sep102014 visits… Davidson Brothers Brewery

    I’ll let Rick Davidson tell you in his own words… or you can visit the Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery website for yourself… But then you’ll miss the video later.

     The Davidson Brothers History...

    “It was in the fall of 1993, during a visit to Baltimore, that my brothers Paul, John and I wandered into our first brewpub, Bill Oliver’s Wharf Rat. The ales were terrific and with every pint we drank we became more convinced we should start our own brewpub. After returning home to Glens Falls, John and I (recalling how convinced those ales made us) began to look into brewpubs, the microbrewing revolution, and our market.”

    “We enjoyed two years of due diligence, researching the Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs markets and visiting many brewpubs and microbreweries.”

    “In February of 1996, John and I, with the moral support of a dozen close friends, took the chance of a lifetime and made the winning bid on the building at 184 Glen Street in Glens Falls. We were officially in the brewpub business and Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery opened to the public on October 14, 1996.”

    “I’d always thought that after everything it took to get the thing off the ground, I’d be overcome with emotion when that first dollar crossed the bar. But I was too busy.”

    “We used that first dollar to buy more barley.”

    “Been busy ever since.”

    Rick Davidson,

    Brewer and Owner

    Are you still with me?

    On a fine spring Saturday afternoon stopped in Davidson Brothers and stayed for a few beers.

    The video below tells that story…


    BeerBasics visits… Novare Res Bier Café

    A destination for beer aficionados, this street-level beer-bar, with outside patio, is not too easy to find. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort. Novare Res Bier Café can be found at 4 Canal Plaza, Portland, ME, on a hot summer afternoon it affords both a cool cellar-like area and a good-sized outdoor patio.

    The cellar-like bar is large enough to seat the patio crowd should the weather not cooperate. The beer taps (all 25 of them) are impressive but the beer-menu is even more impressive. Belly-up to the bar and you can see the immense cold box where the bottle collection is kept, at just the right temperature.  

    This time, we were on our way from one place to another, there was time for only one (or two) draught brews and a bit of a rest before later indulgences.

    However, we did return later in the evening for…


    (Young's Chocolate Stout ice cream, fresh raspberries, and toffee sauce.)

    Now that I have your interest, how about a quick visit?



    Mediterranean Plate

    House made hummus, artichoke hearts, and marinated vegetables, served with grilled pita and olives... $9

    Herb Sunset Acres goat cheese

    Strawberries, balsamic reduction served with pickled grapes and crostini... $7.50

    Chicken Quesadilla

    Cotija and cheddar cheese, corn salsa and sour cream... $7

    Soup de jour

    "What's the soup de jour?" "It's soup of the day." "Mmmm that sounds good."... $6

    Tuna Tartar

    Raw tuna prepared with soy, ginger, sesame, garlic, chili, served with crostinis... M/P

    Sausages and Kraut

    Served with Morses sour kraut and grilled bread... $8

    Pasta Plate

    Fresh Pasta by Paciarino, pesto, sun dried tomatoes served with parm and grilled bread... $9

    Shrimp Tacos

    Two Maine shrimp, tomato, cilantro, cabbage, lime, onion, and garlic chipotle mayo... $7

    Arugula Salad

    Parmigianino vinaigrette, sliced almonds, served with your choice of speck proscuitto with pear or pulled chicken with apple ... $9



    All sandwiches served on Standard Bakery bread with house-made pickles and side salad

    Sloppy Vegetarian

    Roasted eggplant tapenade, sunset acres chevre, and arugula... $7


    Served with house made kimchi and redeye mayo... $8

    Bahn Mi

    Porchetta ham, pork pate, cucumber, carrot, daikon radish, cilantro, jalapeño, mayo and soy sauce served on a baguette... $8

    Spring Sandwich

    Rosemary ham, garlic onion jam, Cotswold, green leaf lettuce and balsamic... $7


    Fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto, olive oil... $6

    Add Porchetta Ham...$8


    Meat and Cheese Bar

    One ounce portion served with bread and garnish... $3

    Barbers Aged Cheddar–UK               Creamy, slight bite, finishes smooth

    Thin Red Line–VT                              Tangy goat with a layer of paprika

    Hudson Red–NY                                Rich cows milk, semi-soft, wash rind

    Manchego–ES                                     Sheeps milk, creamy, piquant

    Cashel Blue–IR                                   Creamy, med strength blue

    Nuvola di Percora–IT                         Semi soft sheeps milk, velvety sweet Chorizo


    Spicy, smoky, pork Sausage

    Saucisson Sec aux Cepes

    Dry sausage, porcini mushrooms


    Dry, cured, seasoned ham


    Savory roasted ham w/ herbs

    Lomo (.5oz)

    Acorn feed Iberico pig sausage

    Pork Pate

    Finely ground turkey/pork mousse



    Trio of chocolates by Sweet Marguerites

    A selection of 3 rotating handmade truffles by a local chocolatier... $6

    Novare Belgian Waffle

    Young's Chocolate Stout ice cream, fresh raspberries, and toffee sauce... $6






    BeerBasics Visits Gritty McDuff’s, Portland, ME

    On a warm, humid afternoon in June my wife and I walked into Gritty’s in Portland, ME. There were few unoccupied seats in street-level bar area. Being the gentleman that I am, the one available seat was for my wife, of course. I can stand for a round. But when one of the young men seated saw us walk in he quickly arranged for his buddy and he moved down and freed up a seat… “A man with beer all over his shire deserves a seat. Please sir!” The cause of his comment is pictured below.

    Once seated, it was time for a couple of pints of the house brews…

    The pints were refreshing but the steins were remarkable…

    Let’s take a look inside…