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    THE WORD IS...











    This week-end there were many burgers and beers consumed and so, on this Labor Day, I labored not and offer the following second-looks at the importance we here at attribute to the basic “burger”…

    First: The “Basic” manifesto regarding the relationship of Beer and Berger…




    Chicken-fried beefsteak, three eggs, hash-browns, corn muffin and I.P.A.

    Recently, subscribers to found the following in their email inbox:



    In the past I have offered my thoughts on the subject… Beer Three Times a
    , Beer IS For Breakfast, and Brewkfast at The Lamprey River Tavern, Newmarket, NH

    Now I am asking you…

    When was the last time you had a beer for breakfast?

    What is the best breakfast-beer you have ever had?

    This time I will offer not to use names if requested.


    Peter LaFrance



    The response to the above was interesting and very informative. My experiences in the recent past have been noted above. However, one of my favorite breakfasts was in St. Gallen, Switzerland on 24September 1988. Along with what I thought was a remarkable number of people on their way to work, I bought a breakfast weiswurst and half pint of beer from a street-vendor. The weather was grey and brisk and the sausage and beer a perfect way to start that day.

    Now for the results… and a “Good Morning!” wherever you are and whatever time it is!

    James Houston

    Hi Peter,

    I had a Proving Ground IPA with a Hangtown Fry (bacon, eggs, fried oysters, grilled bread) for breakfast at the great Magnolia Gastropub in San Francisco this past weekend.

    At nearly 7% it was perhaps a little heavy of a beer for the morning (and I actually had two of them…).

    I think my best breakfast beer memory was a can of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with eggs, sliced frankfurters, baked beans, and charred hamburger buns at daybreak in Yosemite National Park two years ago.


    James Houston

    Greg Sheridan

    Last time I had beer for breakfast I was 22 and hung over (badly hung over) so the beer in the cooler killed it. It was a bud.

    Greg Sheridan

    Steven Frank

                We have Munich breakfasts a couple of times a year, weisswurst and weissbier.  Sometimes with a big pretzel and home fries.  Has to be Schneider Weiss.


    Gerry Khermouch

                Peter - I became a convert to morning beer when I adopted a late interest in soccer in middle age (when my kids took it up) and learned of the vast network of NYC bars that open as early as 7 AM on weekends to broadcast live games from Europe, often to boisterous, packed rooms (or in the case of soccer epicenter Nevada Smith's in the East Village, three floors of packed rooms). Many are British-themed pubs with the likes of Guinness or Newcastle Brown available, both fine breakfast choices, and at some you can choose among craft beers including such sessionable choices as Founder's All Day IPA.

    But my favorite ritual, every year in San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show in January, is to hit the venerable Mad Dog in the Fog on Lower Haight Street en route to the Moscone Center, for a delectable Anderson Valley Boont Amber (or two) as accompaniment to the Spurs or Arsenal game at 8 AM on Sunday. The height of sophistication!

    Btw: If any of this is usable you're welcome to use my name. My wife and my boss both know all about it!

    Gerry Khermouch

    Beverage Business Insights/

    Craft Brew News

    Charles Finkel

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for asking.  Please see my answer below. This morning I got an early start with fruit, toast and espresso. No beer!

    When was the last time you had a beer for breakfast?

    Yesterday morning.

    What is the best breakfast-beer you have ever had?

    Porters with hangtown fry, oatmeal stout with smoked kippers, scotch ale with a steak, cottage fries and cooked heirloom tomatoes, pale ale with a bacon omelet, brown ale with  home baked bread and raw milk cheese, tripel with Belgian waffles! 


    Charles Finkel

    The Pike Brewing Company

    Chuck Nowicki,

    Sales and Marketing Director

                My last breakfast beer was Saturday after a long elk hunt in the backcountry.

    My favorite Breakfast beer ever was the Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter.


    Dale DeGroff

    Peter... a cleansing ale at breakfast after a night of hard drinking has been on the menu for most of my adult life ... and I believe most other BTs who worked the 4am closing shift!


    Dale DeGroff

    President, Museum of the American Cocktail


    And that’s the way it is, as exclusively reported on



    Beer IS for Breakfast

    For as long as I can remember the phrase has been bantered about that “Beer is not just for breakfast anymore!”

    I will admit that in my checkered past there were a few Sunday mornings when, to quote Jonny Cash, “…the beer I had for breakfast tasted good, so I had one for desert.” That admitted; let me assure you that those two-course breakfasts have not been a part of my culinary regimen for quite some time.

    Nevertheless, as a part of a balanced diet of fat, salt, sugar and beer, I have recently had the pleasant opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the state of New Hampshire. In that fine state it is possible to enter a restaurant on a Sunday morning and begin breakfast with a beaker of liquid bread. Allow me to elaborate…

     The following series of illustrations make a very strong case for the observation that beer is a most acceptable part of a balanced-diet (see above) breakfast.

    First of all is the refreshing rehydration that is necessary after a good night’s slumber.

    Next, beer has the ability to add a touch of hop-tang contrast to the flavors of sweet and salty. Balancing these flavors is an important aspect in determining the best breakfast menu selections.

    Finally, beer either adds to the smooth entry into another fabulous day of opportunity, or reinforces the necessary resolve needed to turn a day with lack of promise into a day to be later appreciated as a valuable learning experience.



    Brews and News 2 July 2014

    Sixth Annual July Good Beer Month™ Features Craft Beer Jam,

    Film Festival, Best of Boroughs

    Beer Sessions Radio™ and The Good Beer Seal are gearing up for the Sixth Annual July Good Beer Month™! We will be celebrating good beer all month long at the Good Beer Seal bars, as well as at WNYC’s The Greene Space, with our annual live Craft Beer Jam broadcasts. As we prepare to receive the official proclamation from Mayor de Blasio’s office, we are featuring several key events for the month, including the following:

    • Three sessions of the renowned Craft Beer Jam at WNYC's The Greene Space: Join Beer Sessions Radio™ host Jimmy Carbone for panels on July 9th, 16th and 23rd as beer luminaries such as Tommy Keegan (Keegan Ales), Kelly Taylor (KelSo Brewing), Mark Buford (Blue Point), and Augie Carton (Carton Brewing), among others, gather to discuss (and drink) with a live audience. 
    • A Beer Film Festival at Anthology Film Archives on July 29th with short films and videos curated by the Happy Hour Guys and Beer Nation TV, with beer from 508 Gastrobrewery brewmaster Chris Cuzme.
    • Kegs & Kluckers on July 14th: Just Food's annual fundraiser for The Chicken Project.
    • The return of Edible's Good Beer at 82 Mercer on July 31st where we will announce the 2014 Good Beer Seal Awards.

    In addition, this year’s July Good Beer Month™ will focus on the growth of new breweries coming online, particularly those in Queens and Brooklyn. Several bars and breweries will be doing simultaneous events on July 22nd featuring the best brews from the two boroughs. The Good Beer Seal will also be working with the NYC Brewers Guild to highlight events featuring locally-made brews.

    A full list of events and participating bars can be found at

    21st Amendment Brewery Rebels Again


    San Francisco, CA (July 2014) – Crisis. What Crisis? This July, 21st Amendment Brewery co-founders Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan are breaking out of Alcatraz – again – for the newest release of their Hop Crisis Imperial IPA. A few years ago, when hop prices shot through the roof and many brewers were forced to skimp on hops, the folks at 21st Amendment decided there was only one thing to do. They made the biggest, hoppiest IPA they could imagine and then aged it in oak for good measure. And this year’s special release includes a double dry hopping regimen with new, experimental hops added to old favorites.

    “We love to experiment with the hops in this beer each year and it’s especially fun to see how they interact with the oak,” says brewmaster O’Sullivan. “This year we are using a new, yet to be named, experimental hop as well as a new Australian variety and some classics like Saaz, Amarillo and Citra.  Coming in at 9.7% alcohol, it’s really balanced with subtle layers of flavor.”

    “The Alcatraz reference on our package is about our alter egos and their quest to ‘Free the Hops’,” noted Freccia. “And it’s a great opportunity to have fun with this beer on every level. A daring escape through the sewer pipe, surfing monster waves while being chased by a great white shark and a high speed getaway on the San Francisco cable car are all part of the adventure,” he adds. “Somehow I end up wearing a dress at the end of all of it, though, which I’m still not sure about.”

    Hop Crisis is part of 21st Amendment’s Insurrection Series of special, limited release beers. It is available starting July 1 at retail locations in four-pack, 12 oz. cans and on draft in all 17 of 21st Amendment’s current distribution territories, including CA, OR, WA, AK, ID, MN, OH, MA, NY, NJ, DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, GA and NC. For up-to-date availability, events and promotions, visit


    Victory Launches Beer Ice Cream Line, Just In Time For National Ice Cream Month CBS Philadelphia  - 59 minutes
    Call it a victory for ice cream and beer lovers everywhere.





    DOWNINGTOWN, PA, June 27, 2014 –Victory Brewing Company® (Victory), the popular Philadelphia-area craft brewer has a new take on the pint with the launch of Victory Ice Cream.
    Victory ice cream is made with wort, the flavorful, non-alcoholic liquid that results from the brewing of malted barley and fresh Brandywine water, the base of some of Victory’s most popular beverages. Because of this, the ice cream provides a combination of flavors reminiscent of Victory HopDevil, Storm King and Golden Monkey beer within a rich and creamy gourmet ice cream base.
    •       Hopped Up Devil, based on HopDevil IPA wort, marries cinnamon, cayenne, organic coffee and luscious chocolate flakes to create a cold, sweet, velvety treat with a kick.
    •       Storm Drop, featuring Storm King Imperial Stout wort, blends deep chocolate drops against a creamy chocolatey-stout base.
    •       Triple Monkey, which uses Victory’s popular Golden Monkey wort, combines full-flavored banana and a delicious pecan swirl to satisfy all your taste buds.
     “We’ve been making ice cream with beer wort in our brewpub for years and have had such great feedback from our fans that we wanted to introduce the Victory experience to a larger audience,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski. “The fans who are familiar with Victory beer will recognize the subtle tastes of some of their favorite brews in these delicious desserts.” 


    More Ice-cream news…

    Ben & Jerry’s Arrives on the PDX Scene with Free Scoops Business Wire
    BURLINGTON, Vt.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Calling all Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fans! It is officially the sweetest time of year. Today, Ben & Jerry’s ...

    Lobsters and beer go together like…

    Lobster Pound Brewpub, why didn’t I think of that? Bangor Daily News
    Back in January when the news came out that The Lobster Pound in Lincolnville was going to partner with Andrews Brewing Company also of ...

    Mixed news from Colorado…

    Hickenlooper's popular quirky image now under fire Boulder Daily Camera
    Four years ago, Democrat John Hickenlooper was the affable and engaging mayor of Denver, someone so widely popular that the chairman of the ...

    Yak and Yeti in Arvada celebrates 150th birthday of historic building Denver Post
    It's rumored to be haunted, it caught fire in 1929 and it was saved from a wrecking ball in 1997. It's the oldest Victorian house in Arvada, ...

    News from North of the border…

    City extends support for microbrew license applications Ottawa Business Journal
    The application would allow the city’s microbreweries to serve and sell their products where they make them. In a release, the city said it ...

    Keeping it honest… I wrote the cover blurb for this one…

    Beer Buzz: A Guide to the Heartland Nuvo
    A new book wonders if there's a a quintessential Heartland beer (Minnesotans love their bitter brews; other states like malt-centric ...

    From the food service folks…

    Diners opt for "cool" cocktails, craft beer over wine
    The outlook for wine sales is relatively rosy, but restaurant customers are opting for cocktails and craft brews when dining out for the "cool" factor, according to a survey conducted by Legal Sea Foods Beverage Director and Master of Wine Sandy Block. Several consumers surveyed at Legal Sea Foods restaurants said that because they can drink wine at home, they opt for cocktails while dining out, and many employees said they feel that wine is difficult and expensive to learn about. The Drinks Business online (U.K.) (6/30)


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