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    Bartending 101

    Let me set the scene… It is a beauty afternoon in a semi-chic area of Manhattan. I am seated at a bar that opens out onto a sidewalk patio where six patrons are seated at “high tops” enjoying cocktails and beers. The bar itself is empty and the young but beer-savvy chap tending bar makes himself busy polishing glasses and adjusting the music system. The atmosphere is beer friendly and laid back.

    I order a beer after settling down and making myself comfortable. When the bartender asks what I’ll have I ask for a beer list and take a few moments perusing the list of eight or so draft selections. I choose a refreshing lower-alcohol brew and, in time, it arrives in a smaller glass than noted on the wall posting of beers and/or the printed beer list. It was my mistake for not asking first.

    I am given plenty of time to savor, sip and swirl the brew. It is a most refreshing pause that last a bit longer than a slaked thirst might like. Nevertheless, all good things come to an end and it is time to render to the cashbox what is due to the cashbox. When requested, the chap behind the bar rendered the (as you can note a slightly altered) receipt for beer and services:


    I tendered a twenty dollar bill. In change I received a ten dollar bill. I did place the ten dollar bill in my billfold and took out a one dollar bill to place under the glass as a tip.

    Now class… What was wrong with the above transaction? First was the less than accurate basic financial transaction. What should have been done? The exact change should have been rendered for two reasons. First it would be the business-like thing expected of a bartender. The second major mistake was not breaking the ten dollar bill into six “pieces”… five single dollar bills and one five dollar bill. Why is this important? It is important because the single ten dollar bill in change was going into my billfold and I had another excuse not to tip the bartender.

    Why did I leave a tip? I left a tip because even I couldn’t help myself… knee-jerk reaction. I’ll have to work on that….