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    The latest from the brewery newsletters…

    Now the latest from the brewery newsletters…


    Total brewery count hits 125 year high…


    “A Brooklyn institution takes flight…”




    A new look!


    News from Deschutes…


    The latest from Denver…

    And that's the news for now....


    BREWS & NEWS 14 July ‘12


    Shiner gets prickly
    San Antonio Current Wed, 11 Jul 2012 21:13 PM PDT
    The Texas prickly pear cactus makes for some tasty nopalitos dishes, but the fruit of the cactus has been a staple in seasonal brewpub beers throughout the state.


    Monday BeerBasics “Tasting Notes” has the rest of the story…


    Portsmouth brewer's possible move stirs up beer lovers
    New Hampshire Business Review Wed, 11 Jul 2012 17:31 PM PDT
    p>Is Tod Mott, head brewer at the Portsmouth Brewery, leaving his post and taking the legendary Kate the Great with him? Rumors of Mott's potential departure from the Market Street brewery has set off a flurry of posts in a thread on Beer Advocate , a website for craft beer devotees, who conjectured about his future with the 21-year-old brewpub.


    Next Thursday we will have an interview with the brewer…




    On Thursday, July 5th, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg once again declared July Good Beer Month™ and awarded the The Good Beer Seal an official Proclamation noting our “commitment to local businesses and the communities that sustain them… (helping) revitalize the city’s industrial sector and diversity our economy.” July Good Beer Month™ 2012 will see the return of many favorites along with two new featured events: Hopfest: Backyard Hops In Support Of BK Farmyards on July 16th from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Brooklyn Brewery and Beer Book, Blog & Video Fest, which will take place on July 25th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the South Street Seaport Museum.  

    Hopfest will feature a walk-around food and beer tasting with local “backyard” hop growers throughout New York City. Participating will be: 

    ·         The Bronx Brewery, in collaboration with the New York Botanical Gardens and the Cornell Cooperative Extension, whose Urban Hop Project is growing hops at community gardens throughout the Bronx;

    ·         Jeff O’Neill (Peekskill) and John Segal (Segal Ranch Hops);

    ·         Ben Granger (Bierkraft);

    ·         John Liegey (Greenport Harbor);

    ·         Host Brooklyn Brewery with more hops growers TBA.

    The South Street Seaport Museum provides an historic backdrop for the Beer Book, Blog & Video Fest, a one-of-a-kind event featuring more than 20 of the country’s best writers and filmmakers, who will showcase their work, sign books, and sample beer with the public.

    Other featured events of July Good Beer Month™ include:

    ·         July 12th – Craft/Beer/Jam – Live webcast with a studio audience and beer! At WNYC’s Greene Space.

    ·         July 21st – Kelso of Brooklyn’s Great Hot Dog Cook-Off now in its seventh year.

    ·         July 31st – Edible’s Good Beer at 82 Mercer, “New York’s Ultimate Beer and Food Pairing Event.”

    A full list of events with ticket links and participants can be found at



    Roast Pig Beer Dinner

    When:  Saturday, 14 July - Monday, 16 July, 6-10 pm
    Where:  Café d'Alsace, 1695 2nd Avenue (at E. 88th St.)
    What:  $49.95 for a 3-course dinner paired with French beers

    All weekend long, Café d'Alsace will be celebrating Bastille Day with French beer.  They're offering a 3-course roast suckling pig dinner available each night and paired with 3 different French beers.  Come see why we think that the varied flavors and styles of beer can hold up to the robust character of the meal better than wine can.

    In addition to the beer dinner, Café d'Alsace will also be offering flights of 4 different French beers for $12.

    The choice of breweries includes: 

    • ·        Au Baron - tiny family-run brewery near Belgium making refreshing saison/bière de garde hybrids
    • ·        Bourganel - located in the Ardèche, in southeast France, they use local products like chestnuts and honey to flavor their beers 
    • ·        Bretagne - from Brittany, Brasserie de Bretagne takes inspiration from both Belgian and Anglo-Saxon styles but puts their own unique twist on them 
    • ·        Castelain
    • ·        La Choulette
    • ·        Mont Blanc - their beers are brewed with pure glacier water from Mont Blanc in the Alps  
    • ·        - new bière de garde brewery making modern versions that are hoppier than their traditional malty counterparts 
    • ·        Theillier - the Theillier brewery has been making 100% malt bière de garde at their small brewery in Bavay since the 1850s 
    • ·        Thiriez - Daniel Thiriez brews earthy farmhouse ales with a Belgian inspiration

    Avery Celebrating Nineteen Years of Brewing



    Thank you for 19 years of support and great times!

    The party is scheduled for Sunday, August 5th, 12pm - 5pm at Avery Brewing Company

    General Admission is $30 ($35 at door) and includes five 12oz Avery Brews, all-you-can-eat big ol' BBQ spread and live music.

    Admission is $50 ($55 at door) VIP ticket also includes 5 Rare Pours from the Cellar!

    100% of profits will be donated to Colorado Wildfire Relief.

    Tickets go on sale Friday, July 13th at 9:00am MDT

    Tickets for sale on our homepage at or direct link HERE!


    Shipyard Brewing Company to can Shipyard Export

    PORTLAND, ME – (July 12, 2012) – Due to the high demand for Shipyard Pumpkinhead, Shipyard Brewing Company has leased space to begin brewing in Memphis, Tennessee.  This will also allow Shipyard to offer its products in cans for the first time and expand its overall brewing capacity.

    “This is a very exciting time in our growth,” stated Shipyard’s president Fred Forsley.  “Our brewery in Portland is at full capacity and this allows us to meet consumer demand for our products.”    

    Master Brewer Alan Pugsley did the first brew in June and cans of Shipyard Export will be available in Maine starting next week with other select markets to follow this summer.   Shipyard Pumpkinhead will be available in cans this fall.      

    A full list of Shipyard Brewing Company’s distributors can be found at this link:

    A national beer finder for Shipyard’s products can be found at this link:


    And that’s the brews and news for Saturday 14 July 2012…