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    Picture This…

    Jack the Horse Tavern, 66 Hicks St., Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

    Pictured above:

    1)      Victory Pils & Chorizo, Cannellini Beans, Grilled Kale and Roasted Grape Tomatoes

    2)      Victory Pils & Grilled Berkshire Pork Rib Chop, Organic Grits Cake, with Pickled Jalapenos, Grilled Peaches and Black Eyed Peas.

    3)       Mousse & Cocktail



    Brews & News: 25 July 2014

    From the Web…

    Hop to it on microbrew tour Post-Bulletin
    PITTSBURGH — Tour guides not only should be knowledgeable, but also able to convey information in a fun and engaging way.

    In Livermore wine country, craft brewers and the city build beer industry together Tri-Valley Herald
    Hoping to cash in on a booming business, Livermore is making it easier for craft breweries to open in the city's empty industrial warehouses. ...

    Bardo Brewpub is Now Actually a Brewpub Washington City Paper
    A year after its opening, Bardo Brewpub is finally brewing beer. Brothers Andrew and Bill Stewart began producing their first brew—a ginger ...

    Fermenting a new city: Fitger's Brewhouse brings change to Duluth Minnesota Public Radio
    Beer. It's helped Duluth transform itself from a city largely built on the mining and shipping industries.

    Grapes, oak lead to 2 new beers at SanTan brewing in Chandler East Valley Tribune
    One day, while talking with his brewers, SanTan Brewing Company founder and brewmaster Anthony Canecchia was struck with an idea — to mix ...

    Funky Monkey Wine Company in Mills 50 overhauls its menu and its name Orlando Weekly
    The new name? Funky Monkey Wine Company's Nick's Italian Kitchen. Yeah, it's a mouthful. The post Funky Monkey Wine Company in Mills 50 ...

    Arbor Brewing Company launches crowd-funding campaign to rebuild kitchen at Ypsilanti microbrewery Ypsilanti Courier
    YPSILANTI — Arbor Brewing Company’s Microbrewery is in desperate need of a new kitchen. And they’re looking for your help.


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    Jul242014 Picture this…

    The Runner, 458 Myrtle Avenue , Brooklyn, NY


    (Yes... I ate two dozen oysters... )

    (And the hanger-steak pictured below.)



    (Dark items pictured above...)

    2 GL L’Aumerade (@10.00/ea)                             20.00

    1 Other Half IPA                                                  7.00

    1 Two Roads                                                         6.00

    2 Two Brothers (@7.00/ea)                              14.00

    1 Tongue Bread                                                      4.00

    1 Tomato Tarte                                                     11.00

    24 $1 oysters (@1.00/ea)                                24.00

    1 Half Chop Salad                                                   6.00

    1 Steak frites                                                      20.00

    Sub Total                                                            112.00

    Sales Tax                                                               9.94

    Total                                                                   121.94


    Jul232014 visits...

    Druthers Brewpub, Saratoga, NY

    Druthers can be found on a popular stretch of Broadway in the center of Saratoga Springs, NY. A wrought iron gate opens to a patio that offers outdoor seating in good weather. The main building houses the brewery and the restraint, bar and gift shop. As you shal see in the following video clip, the brewery is on the upper floor, over the bar and restaurant.

    The “Story of Druthers” is amusing and can be found on their site… Druthers Brewing Company.

    On a Summer Saturday afternoon the Druthers stretch of Saratoga is a crowd of college kids, there are two in the area, and folks who are there for the “sport of kings” known in the colonies as Horse Racing. Both sort can be found two-deep at the bar and seated in the restaurant section of the establishment. Betrayed by the ravages of time, neither my wife nor I were required to supply a photo-ID before being served. A smooth execution of that action is one of the many reflex actions learned by a good staff at a resort-restaurant, hotel, inn or tavern.

    We had been advised by a bartender at a brewpub in Glens Falls to order the macaroni and cheese. We had been told that the variety was interesting, the presentation semi-dramatic and the gustatory experience most enjoyable.

    We had the basic Druthers Mac & Cheese, a “7-cheese blend, small shells, crumbled house chips/panko topping” served as shown below…

    Click on the video below and visit along with us…


    Sip, Taste & Brew… Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale

    Sip, Taste & Brew Notes for Grand Teton Bone Warmer Imperial amber Ale

    My Thoughts:

    This is a brew that should be shared. First, it comes in a 750 ml. bottle and second, it is 8.2% alcohol by volume.

    Needless to say, after looking at the technical data below, and noting the hefty alcohol content, the temptation is to “cellar” this brew and let it rest for a year or so. Then comes the anticipation of opening a beer that promises to offer rich flavors and a truly bone-warming experience. Both of these are found with this “One-Off” from Grand Teton Brewing Company.

    The rich flavors are, after a bit less than a year in the bottle, blended so tightly that what at first seems to be a one-note flavor soon develop into subtle nuances that demand slow sipping to fully appreciate. Take your time with this brew and let the flavor and warmth develop. As I mention in the above video, share this with a friend or two and enjoy with a good meal and conversation.

    The Technical Data:

    Style: “Imperial Amber Ale”

    Malt: Idaho 2-row Metcalfe, Harrington barley malt, dark German Munich, Caramel.

    Hops: Idaho Chinook.

    IBU: 22

    SRM: 36

    Abv. : 8.2%

    Original Gravity: 22 Plato


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